Garden Update: Preparing for The Mound Planting

Garden Update: Preparing for The Mound Planting

Saturday we started again, on preparation of The Mound. 
A Morning of Gardening Delight
On a sunny morning, our community of green-thumbed volunteers gathered in the garden with one shared mission: to prepare the grounds for The Mound planting. The air was filled with the promise of new growth and the anticipation of what this beautiful space would soon become.
Weeding, Pottering, and Tidying Up
Our first order of business was tackling those pesky weeds that always seem to find their way into even the most carefully tended gardens. Armed with gloves and garden tools, we got to work, pulling, digging, and removing weeds that had dared to encroach upon our horticultural haven.
We also shared the fruits of our labour as one of our volunteers again, made some fantastic food to share with some of our produce, grown here at The Hive, behind Coulsdon Library. 
Preparation for The Mound Planting
The highlight of the day, of course, was the preparations for The Mound. We could feel the excitement in the air as we readied the soil, to get it in a better condition to nurture the plants we are about to introduce.
All are welcome to visit.

One of the most beautiful aspects of our garden community is that everyone is welcome to visit. Pop in to simply enjoy the sights and sounds of the garden, perhaps with a steaming cup of coffee in hand, while we work diligently to prepare the soil. The garden is a safe haven, a place for relaxation, contemplation, and connection, and this morning was exactly that.
Looking Forward to The Mound's Growth

As we wrapped up our morning of gardening, we couldn't help but look ahead with excitement to The Mound planting. The garden is almost ready to embrace the new life that will soon grace it.

If you're around on a Saturday morning please don't hesitate to drop by. The garden is nearly always open from 10-12.00 on a Saturday (sometimes longer to 1/2pm) and there's a spot waiting just for you to enjoy it. Entrance through the black gate between the library and Los Arcos and step-free access off Railway Terrace.
Until next time, happy gardening! 🌱🌼
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